Monday morning; that annoying time to get up early, going into the office and getting back to the stresses of the job.

Hey everyone! this an another edition on tips for HR managers to be more effective in their respective companies. Enjoy! HR TIPS. Understand the business behind everything you do HR Managers are not just responsible for 'the people stuff' in their companies - they are part of the management team. You can't just be working at your desk, you need to find out what's happening in the business on every level. Find out what challenges other department heads are facing. Can you learn from this - or can you help? HR managers should have a broad amount of knowledge to share with other managers, so don't get scared to be a trusted adviser to them. Make sure you put the right resources in place Right strategies only lead to optimum success. You definitely need the right resources in place as a foundation, to ensure you can succeed at the higher level stuff. So take advantage of HR technology and analytics to calculate your results in comparison to your efforts. These resources allow you to see what's working and what's not. The reaction afterwards motivates you positively! Then when you have a progressive result from your HR strategy, you'll be able to report it to other board members in confidence and demonstrate the effectiveness of your initiatives. Understand the business' purpose and vision, and do what you can to support them A lot has been written about who the 'customers' of HR managers actually are. Is it the staff in the organisation, the board and stakeholders, or external customers? I would say it's all three, and as a strategic people management you should be able to see the connections between these parties. Understand the business targets for the year ahead and then ensure your department aligns its strategy with them. If you're clear about what the purpose and vision of the business is, you'll be able to understand how the culture you develop can motivate people to achieve these goals. Concentrate on the strategic, outsource the day-to-day stuff Think of giving out HR operations in terms of empowering the team, giving them full motivation from the beginning of working hours till the end. If you, as the manager, empower employees to take on recruitment, performance management, and reward they will feel more integrated with the company. Make sure culture and values are lived throughout the organisation The culture of an organisation has to be lived and breathed by all its members, to get the full effect. From the board down to new recruits. Often, leaders forget or underestimate the importance of culture and values. They can't just be written in the staff handbook or stuck on the wall. Follow the motto of 'hire for culture and train for skills'. Skills can be gained through learning and development, yet if a new employee doesn't fit in with your culture they will never be able to help your business succeed. It's important that every decision you make and every person you recruit fits into the culture and values of your business, because if you make decisions that lead to values, the rest will fall into place. Build strong relationships. Choose your team wisely. Create a culture of feed-back. Don't let pride and ego get in the way. Make sure to have mentors. Promote good change. Retain your top performing talent. Imbibe a recognition and award system to motivate staff Know your audience and find out what they need



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