Ten Mistakes 90% of Job Seekers Make



The biggest problem facing job-seekers today is the abysmal state of the recruiting process in many or most medium-sized and large employers.

The broken recruiting apparatus makes it even harder than usual for a talented job-seeker to get a great job.

Job ads are opaque and unfriendly. When you submit an online job application, you could grow old and die waiting for a response. You are better off reaching your hiring manager directly than pinning your job search hopes on Black Hole career portals!

Because the talent market is so tough to navigate these days, it is more important than ever for job-seekers to put their best foot forward every time they apply for a job.

Anyone can sympathize with a frustrated job-seeker who decides not to take the extra time to research an employer before a job interview or customize a resume before submitting it -- but those are the very mistakes that will cost you the job offer!

If you're going to invest the time and energy to pursue a job search at all, it's in your best interest to do it right. Here are 10 mistakes that 90% or more of job-seekers make:

  • Ten Mistakes 90% Of Job Seekers Make

1. They don't brand themselves.

2. They begin job-hunting without knowing their value to employers.

3. They rely on one (broken) method in their job search.

4. They neglect their networks.

5. They forget to customize their resume for different opportunities.

6. They fail to research employers before job interviews.

7. They stay too long in recruiting pipelines that are going nowhere.

8. They let employers drive their job search instead of driving it themselves.

9. They take the first job offer they get, no matter how disappointing it is -- and then they don't job-hunt again until that job goes away.

10. Forgetting that not every employer deserves your talents.

It is a new millennium now. Each of us is driving our own career! Your career is a business. Think about it: your career will generate a lot of revenue over your working life.

Your career will require far too many of your precious brain and heart cells and too much of your precious time for you to leave it to chance.

You get to control your own career -- and you must, because if you don't drive your career no one else will! Years ago when we used to work for one employer for decades, our employers would manage our careers. Those days are gone and they're not coming back. It's up to us now.

  • How To Fix These 10 Mistakes
  • Mistake Number One: Failing To Brand Yourself

Your resume and LinkedIn profile are more than just a recitation of the jobs you've held so far. Your brand is a statement about who you are, where you've been and where you're headed. Decide what sorts of jobs you want, and then brand yourself specifically for those roles.

Use your LinkedIn profile, especially the headline and the Summary, to tell us why you do the sort of work you do (or plan to do). Use a human voice in your LinkedIn profile and your Human-Voiced Resume to bring more of your personality across on the page, or the screen.

  • Mistake Number Two: Starting A Job Search Without Knowing Your Value

Use Payscale and Salary to determine what your skills can command in the talent marketplace. If you know a recruiter or two, ask them what employers will pay someone with your background. Ask your friends.

Most job-seekers shoot too low. They don't realize how many jobs they are qualified for. Every job search includes an element of reinvention. Take the opportunity your job search gives you to set a new course for yourself, and don't value your talents too modestly!

Culled From Forbes Written by Liz Ryan

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