Job Satisfaction Versus Salary

What I've seen is that there is a significant portion of people who truly do enjoy their jobs-and most of them make good money. This is because people are satisfied when they are good at something. And when people become really good at something, they become a scarce commodity. Scarcity translates to value, which of course means money. So, if you're looking for practical advice, I would say find out what you enjoy and can become great at, and then try to maximize your job satisfaction by providing value, not by looking for the biggest paycheck.

The exceptions to the value = pay rule tell us a lot about which is more important. Truly great high school teachers can live comfortably, but the top 1% generally don't get paid more than average teachers. The teachers, full time parents, firefighters, toll booth workers, wait staff, etc. who are really great at what they do take pride in their work, and they'll usually tell you they wouldn't want to do anything else.

All this is to say, satisfaction is more important, but if you feel like you're forced to choose, you probably won't be satisfied.





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