Dumb Interview Quections

Hello everyone, there are some questions that baffle the job-seekers and interviewers. You may not believe some of it but it does happen in reality! These are some questions to tickle your fancy.

Happy reading!

Tricky Interview Questions.

How does one answer questions like this?

"If you could be any superhero, which one would you be?"

"How do you weigh an elephant without using a scale?"

"If you had 5,623 participants in a tournament, how many games would need to be played to determine the winner?"

"How many bricks are there in 1004 estate? Consider only residential buildings."

"How many smartphones are there in the city of Lagos?"

"You have three boxes. One contains only apples, one contains only oranges, and one contains both apples and oranges. The boxes have been incorrectly labeled so that no label accurately identifies the contents of any of the boxes. Opening just one box, and without looking inside, you take out one piece of fruit. By looking at the fruit, how can you immediately label all of the boxes correctly?"

These questions are not meant to ruin your interview, but are asked in a bid to test your IQ and your level of reasoning. So, don't be quiet and stare at the interviewer, rather attempt to resolve the tricky question and say something.

Here are some experiences we had during some interviews.

  • Texted mom during the interview.

We gave a boy to fill a basic application form for our records. All of a sudden, he starts to get sweaty and nervous. He called his mum started taking pictures of the question and sending them to her via whatsapp. It took an hour for this fellow to complete a two page basic form.

  • Make sure u have a grammar and spell check application.

A gentleman came for an interview, and I gave him an application to fill. As he filled out his application, he proceeded to ask me how to spell "pronunciation." We learn everyday but you would even look more responsible if you had a spell and grammar check application on your phone.

  • Took a call during the interview.
  • I was interviewing a woman and her phone starts ringing. I mean women love to "gist" and be updated with what is going in their environment. My thought would be that she would put it on silent and continue the interview. But this lady answers the call, speaks for three minutes and reminds her caller that she is actually in an interview. Hilarious as it may seem, she did not get the job.

    • An evangelizing applicant.

    After a nice hour-long interview with one of the best candidates, he asked if he could speak with us for a moment. We thought he was going to go on about how he has enjoyed the interview and what not. He started to speak about the lord. We felt like we were in a church and realized that this guy wanted to recruit us to be Jehovah Witness.

    • Wrong answer to "give me an example of a time you went out of your comfort zone."

    During an interview we asked the candidate for an example of when they had to do something, which was out of their comfort zone. She replied that she went out with some friends and had too much to drink. We thought it was going to end there, until she said the next morning she had to be rushed to LUTH to get her stomach pumped up. That was really uncomfortable.

    • A care-free applicant.

    I had a guy show up in a t-shirt and jeans to a developer interview. He didn't look as if he had showered, wasn't nervous at all, laid back, knew barely any coding, and said he couldn't start for a month because he and his band were going on tour. Probably the most careless applicant we've had. It goes without saying that we didn't hire him.

    • Wrong answer to "greatest weakness?"

    During a job interview, I asked one of the applicants what her greatest weakness was and her reply, "I love children." That's usually a good thing to say, except that it does not justify the question.

    • An applicant with little experience.

    We asked a lady who had come to interview for a position as a teacher's assistant what her experience was. She replied "well I used to be a child, so I do know about them."

    • An applicant who clearly didn't even want to be there.

    I had one guy show up with a hat on, and big leather jacket with skulls, and jeans with patches of all the NBA teams. I work in a pretty formal environment, so this was quite strange from my perspective. He sat rocking his chair and would barely answer any questions. The whole time he was acting like I was wasting his time interviewing him. I cut it short obviously. Last time I interview someone without a phone interview first because of a "recommendation" from a childhood friend.

    • A thumb-sucking applicant.

    Last year, I went to a job fair at a local college to tell people about the internship at my office. A young lady stops at my table, asks what kind of jobs I have available, and hands me her CV. I look down to go through her CV. When I look back up, she has her thumb in her mouth. I asked her about her major, her previous jobs, her availability, and she answered all my questions while she sucked her thumb. Sad thing is, other than that, she was probably the most qualified person I saw all day.

    • Received a bill from an applicant.

    I was interviewing a software engineer. The interview went ok, nothing wrong but the guy just wasn't great. He called multiple times over the next two weeks until we made our decision, which was someone other than him. Upon learning this, he got pissed and sent us a bill for his time during the interview.

    • Wrong answer to "give me an example of a time you had to resolve a conflict."

    Me: tell me about a time you have had to resolve a conflict. Interviewee: A guy tried to start a fight with me last Friday, so I knocked his teeth out.

    • Wrong answer to "what kind of animal would you like to be?"

    A co-worker and I were interviewing applicants and my co-worker asked what kind of animal they'd like to be. The applicant said a cat, because they're sneaky and can get away with stuff.

    • A guy who showed up looking like an idiot.

    Interviewed a guy who showed up in a rock t-shirt and had goggles on his heaclueless 4d. He smelled so bad we had to cut the interview short.




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