Monday morning; that annoying time to get up early, going into the office and getting back to the stresses of the job.

Research has proven that video is much more powerful than the written word. According to Forrester Research's Dr. James McQuivey, "a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. We all remember how much work it was to find information before the internet but these days you can see whatever you want at the touch of a button. Today, not having an online video is approaching that level. Every day more and more static text is being replaced with sound and motion, meaning video is not just becoming the most relevant marketing tool to connect people to you, it's currently an advantage and will be an absolute necessity for anyone looking to achieve and create awareness. Words provide an expression, video leaves an impression With video being the fastest growing, most rapidly consumed marketing medium, one should ask why. The answer is simple. If you saw a video, you do remember it, and you can see it; most critically, you can feel it. They say it takes a million words to create the same impression in the mind as 30 seconds of film. Although I still love the written word, that's the power of sound, motion, story and visuals.that's the reality of video. How many of us have read the "Game of Thrones" novel? Let us compare that to how many people have actually watched the movie. The beginning of every recruitment, sale, transaction, negotiation or consideration begins with emotion. If they feel something good enough, they'll begin the process of using logic to reinforce how they feel. An employer is more likely to employ you if he connects with your VIDEO CV. We must realize that video is the most intimate way to communicate, and can be more effective at starting a relationship with an audience than most every other tactic. Having said this, imagine what kind of impact a video CV will have in addition to your written CV. If an employer contacts you after viewing your video CV you can be sure that you have scaled the initial hurdle of a first interview as the employer already has a forehand experience of your personality, your oration, diction, body language and so on. He also has the opportunity to repeat it and clear all some grey areas before making contact. Gr8jobsng gives you the first of its kind opportunity to upload a VIDEO CV and attach it to your profile for employers to watch. Take advantage of this service and improve your chances of landing a GREAT Job TODAY. Go Premium www,gr8jobsng.com/jobseeker/registration today and Upload your CV.



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